Every action that we take is spiritual, in the sense that it acts on reality and informs it. Making art is an action in a pure form, that only wishes to leave a trace of its passage. 

In this body of work, I explore my own spiritual quest through artistic actions like writing, printing, binding, etc.

Tout Acte est Spirituel


Books (7 pages, ed of 15)

2016 (and ongoing)

I don't know if it's a prayer, or an attempt for a prayer. All I know is it flew out of me, in urgency, real and raw. Then it printed itself again and again, like a spirit looking for the best body.


- Every action is Spiritual

- To look for an extension of ones soul, through: knowledge, emotion, sensation, speech, transmission, perception, solitude and encouter, movement, gift, will, welcoming, dream, action

- Then I would like those simple words to be a prayer, only this doins, the crispation of my muscles, even the lacks of inspiration. I would like to write a prayer withour words. I would also say that every action has to tend to love.

- Love is the greatest prayer, yet you have to know how to love

- Art is maybe a jump toward the sky, or a move toward the world

- Life is an embrace with the world, and my soul is unsatiable and stuborn

- What matters in being is the trace it leaves, the impression of presence, everything that is its mark yet doesn't really belong to it, at least down here

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Prayers in Things


Mixed media installation, books

April 2017

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Life Is An Embrace w/


2016 and ongoing

Gifts to writers and artists I admire.

In The Light Of What You Know



2017 and ongoing

Gifts to spiritual people I met.