This project was initiated in 2015 during my collaboration with Genspace ( Rooted in my curiosity for science processes and gestures, it shows the exploration of a dialogue between artistic and scientific materials and methodologies. It’s composed of visual and poetic experimentations mixing natural elements, fine art medias, and cutouts from a biochemistry book found at the lab. The status of the book as a physical source/transmitter of knowledge, as an entity that retains information, allows me to use its content as a form of material. This 'alive information' is appropriated by a cut-up manipulation, that interacts with mix-media experimentations.

To The Structures


Found objects, mixed-media, bio cultures, cut-outs, printmaking

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The Use of Silent


7.5x6 inches

24 pages

5 printed copies

This book is an attempt to displace biochemistry’s area of knowledge, to reach a point where it creates theory structures for other areas of knowledge. It invites the viewer to link both the visual and «found theory» experimentations to their own inner questionnings about any kind of structure (psychological, emotionnal, or even political, sociological, spiritual.)


About Bonding


Various size

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Cut outs

Various size

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