A boat and its two inhabitants, sailing the ocean, in search of a place. Along the way, they speak with each other and with the natural elements around them, and encounter lands and beings. Through their trip, they learn about themselves, each other, and the true nature of their journey. This project forms itself as a wandering on oceans and lands of feelings.  It's built around an inner dialogue that I have had since 2012. The story finds many different ways to tell itself. It is like the nervous system of my work. Each other project relates to this one through notions of storytelling, wandering quest, and dialogue, and also through a regular aesthetic and a certain artistic language.

Cap'n & Sail'r / a small story


6.7x5.2 in, 60 pages, edition of 5

copper etching print cover


Cap'n & Sail'r
Books, found objects, drawing, printmaking, cut-outs, sculpture, multimedia
Various sizes (on site)

In studio, 2015

Perspectives Génériques (S&L 2016)

Mayan Pop-up (August 2018)


En voir plus

Testimonies - Various materials and sizes - 1 original for each

To my dear little me

Performance, video



I had so many things to tell the child I was. I wanted a ritual, something that would speak to her like I wish I would have been spoken to. I wanted it so bad, but now I know, reality always, always, catches you back. Life has its own funny ways, and it makes noise over everything.

Cap'tain et mat'lot

Tumblr blog


Sailr: "The network is like an ocean I can sail from my room. And like the ocean, it has its own life, and contains mysterious other lives below its surface. They offer me pieces of my own story."