Cap'n & Sail'r / a small story


6.7x5.2 in, 60 pages, edition of 5

copper etching print cover


Cap'n & Sail'r
Books, found objects, drawing, printmaking, cut-outs, sculpture, multimedia
Various sizes (on site)

In studio, 2015

Perspectives Génériques (S&L 2016)

Mayan Pop-up (August 2018)


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Testimonies - Various materials and sizes - 1 original for each

To my dear little me

Performance, video



I had so many things to tell the child I was. I wanted a ritual, something that would speak to her like I wish I would have been spoken to. I wanted it so bad, but now I know, reality always, always, catches you back. Life has its own funny ways, and it makes noise over everything.

Cap'tain et mat'lot

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Sailr: "The network is like an ocean I can sail from my room. And like the ocean, it has its own life, and contains mysterious other lives below its surface. They offer me pieces of my own story."