Living Without Skin

Gabriel Don

Poetry - 2019

For her first collection of poetry, Gabriel Don wanted a design that would be elegant and show the simplicity and the personal aspect of her poetry. This sober plain design shows a joyful kindness and invites to enter her words like we would enter her intimate sky.

The Greatest History of Life

Erica Schreiner

Novella - 2019

Erica Schreiner is a poet and writer, and also a video artist. Her story of a young artist in Portland in the early 2000s invites us to plunge into the singular temporality of young love. For the Artistic Direction of this book, I chose to pair the text with a flip-book design, to embrace the idea of multiple rhythms, the contrast between factual and emotional temporalities. 


Valerie Hammond and Kiki Smith 

Exhibition catalogue - 2018

For this catalogue, the idea was to show the dialogue between Hammond's and Smith's work, by confronting their imageries and themes and blur the lines between their aesthetics. 

Light & Dirt

Harriet Halsey

Poetry - 2018

Beside being the Artistic Director, I've been lucky to also participate in this book project by creating illustrations to accompany Harriet's amazing poetry. Her work is full of contrasts and clarity, and at the time it's also embracing a certain blur. It contains a vision of life that comes as a cloud of particules made of experiences, thoughts and memories. These pieces of her seem to hold together, but disperse quickly as soon as the poem is ending. 

There Is Always Tomorrow

Thomas Fucaloro and Julie Bentsen

Poetry and illustrations- 2018

This book is composed of "List Poems" written by Fucaloro and illustrated by Bentsen. As the Artistic Director on this project, my goal was to celebrate the dialogue between the two artists. I wanted to embrace the mix of sincerity and melancholy, and the hint of naivety and quirkiness that defines their styles. 

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