Bumps, marker on paper, 8.5x5.5in, 2017.

Being, scape

Mixed-media on paper and board

This is my art routine. Beings and scapes unfolding like writings, drawing impressions of life and unsayable structures.


mono-prints (linocut, intaglio, other techniques)

Printmaking contains two levels. The first level in the work is a very technical process, to make a print that gonna meet perfectly a list of expectations. The design and the technique are employed for a precise purpose. Beside that, on the edge, during all that process that in my hand becomes a medium in its whole, some images appear as beautiful accidents, unexpected encounters, little miracle landscapes that seem to have sneaked in a routine process. They are the poetry that happens outside the comfort zone of the work. 


digital photography, gifs, CAD

Digital photography offers the possibility to capture impressions of the world, details, and manipulate them to change the perspective and the point of view. I work in the dynamics of narration and series, in relation with my narrative and book-art practice.

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