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Cap'n & Sail'r 

book arts - visual poetry - mixed media works on paper


A boat and its two inhabitants, sailing the ocean, in search of a place. Along the way, they speak with each other and with the natural elements around them, and encounter lands and beings. Through their trip, they learn about themselves, each other, and the true nature of their journey. This project forms itself as a wandering on oceans and lands of feelings.  It's built around an inner dialogue that I have had since 2012. The story finds many different ways to tell itself. It is like the nervous system of my work. Each other project relates to this one through notions of storytelling, wandering quest, and dialogue, and also through a regular aesthetic and a certain artistic language.


Tout Acte 

printmaking - book arts


Every action that we take is spiritual, in the sense that it acts on reality and informs it. Making art is an action in a pure form, that only wishes to leave a trace of its passage. 

In this body of work, I explore my own spiritual quest through artistic actions like writing, printing, binding, etc.

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To The Structures 

book arts - mixed media


This project was initiated in 2015 during my collaboration with Genspace, and shows the exploration of a dialogue between artistic and scientific materials and methodologies. It’s composed of visual and poetic experimentations mixing natural elements, fine art medias, and cutouts from a biochemistry book found at the lab. The status of the book as a physical source/transmitter of knowledge, as an entity that retains information, allows me to use its content as a form of material, as some 'living information'


Other books

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